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Experienced Scottsdale Psychiatrist Marie Gronley

Are you searching for an experienced psychiatrist in Scottsdale, or a psychiatrist in Phoenix? This website is one of the most informative local websites in Phoenix and Scottsdale which was designed with several goals in mind. The most important goal of this website and my practice is to inform the public as well as those suffering from a psychiatric disorder of the origins, treatments and discoveries in mental health. Mental illnesses are no different from most other bodily illnesses. Psychiatric disorders are illnesses that affect the organ, and in this case the organ being the brain. With all psychiatric illnesses either the brain, or another organ or neurological issue is preventing the body from producing and maintaining a “normal” balance of neuro-transmitters which are responsible for our moods, in many cases our thoughts, our ability to think clearly; our overall mental hygiene. Among these neuro-transmitters are the chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Sometimes a glandular condition may cause a plethora or deficiency of hormones and produce the symptoms of depression, mood swings, or anxiety; this is why we often do a physiological work-up as part of our initial evaluation. When these chemicals are not present in the body for long enough periods of time due to cellular release, or too much of one chemical, often the end result is depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia; and other mental illnesses. I understand this and do my best to inform and educate the public on this website.

Removing the Stigma of Mental Illness – The Goal of This Website

Another goal of my practice is in removing the stigma associated with mental illness and encourage those suffering from these illnesses to seek help. Unfortunately this stigma has often had an impact on patients to the extent of  postponing treatment for up to 10 years in many cases. This is unacceptable since many of the newer medications are very effective and can enable most to live productive and joyful lives. I have noticed over the years that I am treating more and more men. More men than woman have avoided seeking psychiatric care because of the stigma of mental illness but this is changing and this is a good thing. Mental illness is spread across the genders quite evenly (except for depression which is still occurring twice as much in women), so now that men are more freely seeking treatment we can expect to see a slow turn in society as a whole with regards to its mental hygiene.

Education is Crucial to the Healing and Recovery

This site was also developed to keep the public informed about the recent discoveries in mental health, as well as research into the genetic and environmental connections with mental illness. As a psychiatrist in Scottsdale I take the approach that the better informed the patient is, the more effective the treatment can be. I have posted many articles on depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia. These articles explain the causes of these diseases, treatments, and prognoses for each condition. Additionally I often attempt to give general advice as to how certain lifestyle changes can aid in the recovery and mitigation of the symptoms of these illnesses, and how very important treatment is to protecting the brain and nervous system from any further damage that can be caused by these some of these illnesses.

Please read the Mental Health Research section of this website, you will be fascinated with the progress in genetics that are being made to which will someday provide a cure mental illness. I want you to know that help is just around the corner and remember, first and foremost… mental illness is no less a physical illness as any other diseased organ of the body and there is absolutely no reason to feel the least bit of shame in seeking treatment. I have posted many articles on Anxiety and its ostensible causes and the fascinating inextricable roles that both the environment and genetics play in Anxiety as well as Depression, OCD, ADHD, and Schizophrenia. If you are looking for a Phoenix psychiatrist or Scottsdale psychiatrist, I look forward to working with you and please call my North Scottsdale office to schedule an appointment.

this article is for informational purposes and not for diagnosing or treating any mental illness